The Best B2B eCommerce Platforms 2022

December 08, 2022


November 08, 2023

The epidemic posed eCommerce to become popular, and almost everyone opened an online business to make money. Five times larger than the B2C eCommerce industry, the worldwide B2B e-commerce market was estimated to be worth almost $15 trillion in 2020.

In response to COVID’s emphasis on digital value, B2B marketers have allocated 55% of their expenditures to online projects, and 96% of bigger companies have entirely revised their go-to-market plans to emphasize digital channels and support/service. Businesses are expanding their investments in mobile, digital payments, online marketplaces, and their general infrastructure as they strive to adapt to the new reality. 

Your company has to establish enduring relationships with its target market and existing clients, whether you are selling to retail or wholesale consumers. To do this, you must optimize data analytics insights and provide a first-rate user experience.

It can be challenging for someone new to this industry to filter through the numerous software to pick an eCommerce platform that suits their complex business requirements. If you want to be the next Amazon as a B2B firm, you need a cutting-edge B2B eCommerce platform to expedite sales and make a good impression on your business clientele.

Shopify Plus

One of the best eCommerce platforms for startups and small companies has long been Shopify. Shopify Plus combines premium features built for high-volume merchants with all the features that have made Shopify one of the most well-liked eCommerce systems worldwide. The most complete B2B eCommerce solution available is likely Shopify Plus.

Because it is extremely flexible, easily connects with the majority of ERP and CRM systems, supports over 100 payment providers and all foreign currencies, and enables companies to handle B2B and B2C sales from the same platform, businesses like Shopify Plus. A Shopify Plus Partner can assist you in adding modifications that other eCommerce platforms find difficult to match if your company wants to provide an amazing user experience.

Top features of Shopify

  • Numerous applications and a large network of Shopify Plus Partners
  • 20 sales channels may be managed from a single dashboard
  • Back-end to launch several websites and 24/7 shop performance
  • Available from your dashboard is 20 sales channels.
  • Strong platform for 8000 orders per minute or more
  • Options for one-step checkout
  • Numerous applications
  • Built-in SSL certificate; available for wholesale sales


Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or both merchant, Shopify Plus integration can help you streamline managing your merchant needs. Even if you may use this paper as a Shopify Plus integration guide, consulting with a trustworthy firm is still a good idea.

With the help of BSS Commerce’s existing systems integration service, you can increase the functionality of your Shopify Plus store. You can access your data in a single display by integrating third-party systems like ERP, CRM, and marketplaces, which stream through a single plug-in.

Inventory Management 

The purpose of an inventory management system of Shopify Plus is to track items, inventories, orders, and fulfilment to and from customers and suppliers. Along the supply chain, it aids retailers in following items.

For businesses that sell through several online and offline channels, employ different warehouses, or rely on kitting — centralizing your inventory and order data is extremely crucial.


Because Shopify is a hosted platform, open-source alternatives like Magento cannot be compared to it in terms of customization. However, it enables retailers to use Scripts Editor to personalize their checkout design for a positive consumer experience. One of the significant improvements made by Shopify for their Plus plan over normal plans is this.

Shopify Plus is a fantastic option when it comes to high-end eCommerce features, a dependable and user-friendly back-end, and dozens of apps and add-ons.

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For WordPress websites, WooCommerce is the best B2B eCommerce platform. WordPress websites frequently have WooCommerce installed as a plugin. WordPress users just need to install the B2B eCommerce plugin from WooCommerce to have access to a range of robust eCommerce capabilities.

Organizations have a lot of freedom with WooCommerce. Furthermore, building, establishing, and administering a WooCommerce B2B eCommerce store is straightforward due to its tight link with WordPress. This eCommerce platform also includes many optimization tools that may help your company rank better and generate more revenue.

Top features of WooCommerce 

  • Several payment tools
  • Large-scale support network
  • Add-ons and extensions in one place
  • Scalable
  • The adaptability of open source
  • Huge support community 
  • Safeguarding confidential information
  • Design with SEO in mind
  • Simple-to-use software
  • Works flawlessly with WordPress and integrates with a variety of technologies already in use

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The most integrative eCommerce platform on this list is probably BigCommerce. Every tool your business needs to launch and operate successfully is available on the BigCommerce platform. Whether you operate a small or large company, BigCommerce provides a full range of features and tools to get your online shop up and operating and linked with your other business tools.

BigCommerce provides businesses with PCI DSS support in addition to strong tools and smooth interfaces to assist them in making sure they are safeguarding sensitive client financial data. Moreover, BigCommerce provides quote generators to provide thorough product or service quotes to customers anytime.

It’s ideal for SaaS businesses and service brands—is one of BigCommerce’s most alluring features. Additionally, rapid reordering is possible.

Top features of BigCommerce

  • Simple reordering and subscriptions
  • choices for advanced shipping
  • Per-unit price
  • volume discounts that are applied automatically
  • Services for B2B-specific payments
  • CRM and backend ERP system interconnections
  • Discounted and personalized costs
  • Responsive website design
  • Options for quote builders
  • Simple features for subscription and reordering
  • Options for B2B-specific payments
  • Integrations with other business tools that are seamless


Popular eCommerce platform Magento allows for both B2C and B2B selling. All sizes of organisations may benefit from Magento. Some of Magento’s key selling advantages are easy installation, little maintenance, great functionality, and a fantastic total cost of ownership value.

Your B2B clients may self-manage their accounts with your company using this eCommerce platform. Allow your clients to manage their credit, examine a complete history of orders, and track bids without needing to speak with customer service. The Magento Commerce platform was created with companies in mind. Some top-notch integration features in other leading eCommerce platforms are absent in Magento. Additionally, this platform may be expensive for low-volume B2B sales.

One of the few all-encompassing B2B eCommerce software choices that were created especially for enterprises is Magento. This platform will enable you to achieve even the most difficult business objectives.

Top features of Magento:

  • Reliable performance on the cloud
  • Strong merchandising features, custom pricing, and a catalog
  • Simple integration of the backend system Support for corporate accounts
  • Provides shopping
  • Features of omnichannel selling
  • Easy analytics and reporting
  • Amazing inventory control and order processing
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools


Selecting the best B2B Commerce platform requires time and study for your company. It represents an investment in your company. Your platform should support both short-term and long-term implementation of your plan. Similar to B2C commerce, just because you construct something doesn’t ensure customers will sign in and make purchases. Consider ways to make your B2B more appealing so buyers would visit it as a regular part of their workflow.

If you are looking for a suitable partner – our knowledgeable support staff members are eager to help you with your problems immediately.

What is the best B2B e-commerce platform?

Magento is the best B2B e-commerce platform, reported Forrester. A scalable platform, Magento Commerce offers a wide range of integrated features that are ideal for the B2B market. With Magento B2B, you can grow from a B2B retailer with a small selection of products to a business that manages millions of products.

What is a B2B e-commerce platform?

B2B eCommerce platform is an online shopping cart that other businesses, like distributors or wholesalers, may use to move merchandise through the buying process. B2B platforms is helpful for startups or smaller businesses that want assistance with their operations and give businesses all the resources they want for online sales, including customer support, order administration, and marketing tools.

What is the future of B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce has been progressing for a while, moving from a specialized area of the commercial sector to a point where it may soon match or surpass traditional channels. The B2B eCommerce sector, first fueled by SaaS and accelerated by COVID-19, is currently estimated to be valued at close to $8 trillion and is expected to increase by 18.7% through 2026 to reach $18.57 trillion.

How do I choose a B2B eCommerce platform?

When selecting an eCommerce platform, you should consider six important considerations. The platform's cost, themes offered, payment methods, technical support, functionality, and security are all included. Before selecting one, consider doing an in-depth study and comparing all the factors.

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