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Why choose Soloway as your partner for tech and business maintenance?
01 Our approach includes more than just strategy and architecture design. We bring our systems to life and take care of their implementation and scaling.
02 We follow the principle of balance by making systems that require minimal engagement for support and maintenance.
03 It’s easy to implement new features into our systems, and bugs fixing takes a little time with our approach. The solutions created and supported by Soloway works like a clock and do not need a lot of resources to troubleshoot because of regular auditing. If anything goes wrong, we bring the system to balance imminently.

The formats of IT software maintenance services we create

  • As a continuation of our common cooperation on existing projects. If we went through all the stages of custom software development or customization and modernization, we offer a full service support package of your digital solutions that includes implementation of new functionality, code improvement, bug fixing, and more.

  • Continuation of our current partnership on your project. We can take your well-designed products and provide managed IT support services if you have already been engaged with a software development team before. Write us down if you have digital solutions, products, and services on your virtual service desk that require support.

We provide long-term IT support services for our partners. Find your industry.

  • Traveling & Hospitality
    We know how to ensure constant operation and reliability of real-time services and a full cycle customer experience for a traveler. Our services include setting up, support, and maintenance of eTicketing, transport apps, eBooking, etc.
  • Ecommerce & Retail
    Everyone engaged in the online sales sphere sooner or later faces an overloaded system impact. Customer Support Process slows down and requires quick bug fixing to avoid clients' complaints and money loss. Soloway is your experienced partner in optimizing internal business systems, their improvement, and audit.
  • Media & Entertainment
    Content piracy and security become a vital issue for streaming services, their users, and partners. Our balanced preventive approach provides technical support and testing before trouble appears. All operations with all systems will work correctly and seamlessly. Moreover, we know exactly how to troubleshoot every possible problem, so you won't lose connection with your audience even for a minute.
  • Enterprises & Manufacturing
    We have significant experience in this niche and know how to optimize server capacity, business methods, and industrial processes. Keep calm and set up internal optimization systems, improving them according to your needs with Soloway. Your company will face no reputational risks due to bugs in the system.
  • Fintech & Banking
    We help to settle millions of transactions in highly loaded financial services. Your customers will be satisfied, and their money will be secure. Soloway ensures excellent synchronization with payment systems and government equipment support, ease of authorization, management, and required functional features on the necessary platforms.
  • Logistics & Delivery
    Many parties are involved in the logistics field: business, transportation company, drivers, dispatchers, etc. Route and fuel optimization and business process improvement are essential elements of the support. Our goal is to make the whole system work correctly, and the goods arrive on time by optimizing all the processes sustainably.

TWO solutions for our clients who need IT support and consultancy services

For mature business
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    You have an extensive real-time project with a large amount of data, users, and transactions.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Your team needs someone who can provide sustainable enterprise IT support services, resolve the challenges related to overloaded systems, and establish simultaneous processes.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Your infrastructure has critical errors, and you are looking for an IT support service provider to fix them, avoiding crashes in the future.
For new projects
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    You think of creating new products and services or scaling existing ones to conquer new niches in the market. You want to be sure in every stage of your scaling plan.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    You look for a partner for IT maintenance services who will guide you through this tricky way of speeding up your efficiency and implementing new features into existing systems.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Maintaining a poorly functioning model is not enough for you. You need a partner that will look at your product comprehensively and help eliminate weaknesses.
Services that perfectly suit you
Services that perfectly suit you
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Quality assurance
    We place a great accent on testing and reducing risks for large business and real-time companies.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Performance enhancement
    It increases efficiency by analyzing business processes and developing optimal solutions.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Bug fixing
    Preventive activities and answer speed ensure no crashes and resources savings.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Apps security management
    We provide monitoring and establishing software to avoid data leak risks for your company.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    New features implementation
    Soloway carefully sets up feature extensions into platforms to scale your systems without turbulence.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    App updates
    We keep our finger on the pulse and control the operation of your applications without delay.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    OS and libraries updates
    It helps keep your software up-to-date: we modernize service packages, drivers, new accounts information, security, and base upgrades.
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    We take a microservice architecture and integrative basic DevOps approach. Such a strategy allows us to automate infrastructure, code testing, workflows without impacting your current system.

Keep changing to ensure a meaningful competitive edge on your market

We carefully test the software we develop by taking all preventive measures to eliminate risks and bugs as if we were supporting a plane.

Watch our QA roadmap - it`s an important stage of our process


Keep changing to ensure a meaningful competitive edge on your market

We offer remote IT support service management

Our clients are located worldwide, and we support their products and services according to the global market standards.

Watch our companions’ success stories to know more about our expertise

e-Commerce UI/UX Design Web Development

Edit Suits – Website for men’s business clothing company

App Development Retail

SOCAR – Mobile Application for the fuel trader


The way we overcome Challenges with our companions

Problem analysis
We start with an in-depth analysis of your situation. Our main goal is to understand your business, requests, and current position on the market.
  • 02

    Solution creation

    At this stage, we assemble a team and create optimal solutions for your project. We start with prototyping and UI/UX design.

  • 03

    MVP development

    After you approve our proposed solution, our team uses Agile methodology to make your project live as an MVP.

  • 04

    Product integration

    We release the product and help you integrate the solution into your tech infrastructure. You own 100% of the intellectual property.

  • 05

    Support and update

    After the release, we'll be there to offer you all the support you need to keep your product running optimally.

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