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New era of logistic and transportation: shipping is vital service worldwide

  • 266
    billion parcels
    are expected to be delivered by 2026
  • 131
    billion parcels
    in 2020 shipping volume were reached
  • 429
    billion dollars
    global parcel shipping market is generated
  • 24.8
    domestic parcel traffic worldwide in 2020

To stay a competitive leader, you have to be in the process of digital transformation permanently

You need logistics custom software development services and business process optimization if:
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    You are a worldwide logistic company scaling rapidly, searching for a reliable solutions and logistics management software development provider to predict all terms and conditions of delivery
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    You`ve got significant experience in the transportation niche. Now you are looking for creative and breakthrough services in the market that increase competitiveness and brand recognition
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Your business is a massive enterprise with your own delivery service that requires innovative inner and external process optimization solutions to save money and control drivers
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    You are a traditional delivery service, working in this niche for a long time, looking for a companion within the digital transformation process - thoughtful, sustainable, and turbulence-free.

Who needs transportations and logistics software development solutions integration

  • Large retailers
  • Agricultural companies
  • Motor companies with huge car parks
  • Contracting business
  • Manufactures with their own delivery
  • Passenger transport companies
  • Traditional delivery services
  • Ports, airports or sea delivery services

Transportation and logistics custom software development services we're experts in

  • Discovery phase and IT transformation approach
    We`ll dive deep into your business through transformation consulting and understand all your operation processes, looking for strengths and weaknesses in the current system. This approach allows planning all stages of implementing any innovations with Soloway - transportation software development company.
  • Web platforms development and modernization
    Our team of experts provide platform development: custom or based on frameworks. We design CRM/ERP/CMS or websites as a part of the digital transformation process. Soloway offers sustainable, balanced services and technologies that bring positive changes to your business.
  • Application development and modernization
    Soloway develops custom and unique applications and mobile transportation technology solutions to provide your well-organized communication and interaction with all participants of the supply chain and control delivery, packing and ordering process, collecting Big Data simultaneously.
  • Software support and maintenance
    Experts from Soloway set up support automatization and make maintenance of your logistics and transportation software easy. We'll eliminate your systems of overloads within auditing, quality assurance testing, analyzing existing IT infrastructure/business processes, and improving it.
  • Innovative technology based solution integration
    Soloway is used to be on cutting-edge worldwide technology trends. We implement Blockchain, VR/AR/, RFID/NFC, AI, IoT, Big Data, and Data science-based solutions into your existing software and infrastructure. Moreover, we're experts in transportation software development and solutions providing based on the above technologies for your breakthrough projects.

Soloway implements MVP but sustainable products and solutions for logistics in short-terms. Check hypotheses, get business analysis and marketing justification of business decisions based on Big Data and Data Science technologies

We offer business process optimization and your current software upgrading

for transportation and logistic companies. Start your digital transformation Way with Soloway and conquer the market
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    Establish logistic and transportation management system with platforms
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Track goods delivery in real time and be make informed decisions
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Increase customers satisfaction with top-notch service
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Monitor observance of the rules of delivery and reduce risks
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Minimize your mileage and optimize costs on fuel and car maintenance
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Coordinate the timeliness of the route (packing, delivery, unloading the machines)
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Get custom and reasonable software for transport management systems
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Reengineer existing business processes and software according to plan
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Use navigation systems for special transport drivers and predict troubles
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Get mobile solutions for your enterprise's drivers and save time on communication
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Move your data to the cloud and speed up operations within IT solutions for transportation
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Set up telematics to collecting vehicle data, analyze and visualize it
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Make dynamic route planning based on real-time data aggregation
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Optimize warehouse operations with innovative technologies
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Control your supply chain with data, reducing the human factor
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Validate ideas, build prototypes predict and analyze the effectiveness
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Put in order transport resources and car usage, decreasing amortization
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Increase customer's engagement with well-designed products

Start with small but effective solutions that will give the first results in a few months

Smart logistics software development services and cutting-edge technologies Soloway implements
01 Blockchain-based technologies secure creating documents and transactions in logistics, enhancing the supply chain's efficiency, agility, and innovation potential
02 With a custom AR-app with the information about the packages inside the delivery vehicle, drivers can point the AR-enabled device at any package to get the information about it
03 VR technologies create a virtual reality warehouse and instantly locate the product, show the closest route to get there and scan the barcode with the same lens
04 RFID/NFC is easy to track supply chain with more usable data with manufacturing equipment, inventory, asset management, and company processes
05 Big Data and Data Science promote operational excellence, cost savings, customer satisfaction, visibility, and the communication gap between demand and supply chain management
06 With IoT technologies, you control product refill without involving a human factor, renewing the entire delivery chain from manufacturing to the shelves in the store and the shopping basket

Why choose Soloway as your companion in custom software solutions for transportation and logistics delivery

We develop a unique way of implementing innovations, dive into the company's business process, and become a catalyst for successful transformation. We have the extensive technical expertise to provide full-cycle development services and custom solutions, and involve niche experts to gather a balanced team.

Check our roadmap of cutting-edge technologies` development and implementation

Problem analysis
We start with an in-depth analysis of your situation. Our main goal is to understand your business, requests, and current position on the market.
  • 02

    Solution creation

    At this stage, we assemble a team and create optimal solutions for your project. We start with prototyping and UI/UX design.

  • 03

    MVP development

    After you approve our proposed solution, our team uses Agile methodology to make your project live as an MVP.

  • 04

    Product integration

    We release the product and help you integrate the solution into your tech infrastructure. You own 100% of the intellectual property.

  • 05

    Support and update

    After the release, we'll be there to offer you all the support you need to keep your product running optimally.

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