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Full-cycle app development service for your business challenges

Research from Statista shows that in 2020 total consumer mobile app spending reached $143 billion. Apps are the new black. We provide mobile app development services and solutions that help achieve your business goals in the long term and put you and your customers' resources on the right track.

Signs you need a reliable partner

in mobile app design and development

You have an idea for an app that is waiting to go off

Suppose you are planning a new project whose value and business model are built around an application. In that case, you need a reliable companion for mobile application development.

We will help you conduct the research, calculate all the risks, develop an idea, and translate it into a decent and functional platform.

If it is what you need, we will start from the Discovery phase and in-depth analysis.

You are looking for new platforms for marketing boost

An app is a good solution if you require an additional communication channel to diversify your marketing tools and audiences.

Our mobile app developers will support you in engaging and retaining customers through app gamification and charming UI/UX design as a part of our Custom software development services. Depending on the initial goal, we can also upgrade your current platform via our customization and modernization process.

Your business requires digital transformation

If you are in the process of digitizing your business or any of its operations, an application is an excellent tool to optimize your processes and provide innovations.

Soloway professionals will add the essential functions to your system within our web development services or strategically synchronize your workflow by creating a CRM or ERP system during the platform development stage.

12 capacities your business obtains from a unique mobile app design
01 Increase sales
buying goods and services is more accessible within a mobile app
02 Compete in a specific market
get to your clients right on target
03 Improve usability
increase engagement through UI & UX optimization
04 Communicate directly
people communicate with humans, not companies
05 Provide customers security
users feel safer and their behavior is more predictable with an app
06 Optimize business process
it's easy to manage your staff and tasks with a custom app
07 Improve engagement
with unique features and interactive tools
08 Be closer
place your app on your clients’ screens permanently and send push notifications
09 Provide personalization
offer your customers the services they need by collecting data
10 Increase customer loyalty
raise awareness of your brand via your custom app
11 Reach your clients
use marketing tools with geo-tracking and scale your audience
12 Set up the production
be aware of all company's process from planning till delivery

Our custom mobile application development company designs services and solutions using both complicated programming languages ​​and ready-to-use templates, depending on your needs. We provide:

  • Cross-platform app development
  • Wearables and embedded software development
  • Mobile server-side development
  • UX/UI app design and audit
  • Maintenance and post-warranty support

Native app development

  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    optimized for specific platforms
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    perfectly matches with iOS, Android, etc
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    work very fast and correct
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    has lots of tools and features
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    interact with every feature on a smartphone
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    easy and scalable
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    don't need to reach to the web
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    custom-tailored to your needs and design
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    ideal for mature business and market leaders
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    crashes rarely and sustainable to overloads

Hybrid mobile app development

  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    a combination of native and web
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    made on popular frameworks
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    mostly run inside websites
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    quite affordable for new projects
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    good for testing new ideas without overpayments
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    easy support and maintenance
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    app development services are quick and have lower price
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    updated remotely by web modification
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    don't need downloads
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    indexed by Google and other search engines

If you want to be an outstanding leader, you have to be on the same page with your customers, predicting their needs

According to Statista, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that creating your own application for a business of any size and portrait is just a matter of time.

We provide custom mobile app development services and offer applications as a self-contained product from concept to implementation. Thus, we help our partners overcome challenges by creating a separate platform for communication, trading, management, or business processes optimization.

Our team also creates apps as a part of the global digital transformation process. We have expertise in modernizing mature companies across a wide range of industries.

If you are about to make your first business change, we will create the right product from concept to implementation. Let's walk this path of creating a reliable application for your company together.

Through our company's history, we’ve created more than 800 mobile solutions and applications for numerous industries, including:

  • Sports & health
  • Design & building
  • eCommerce & retail
  • Fishing
  • Finance & banking
  • eBooking
  • Taxi
  • Education
  • Oil production
  • Tourism
  • Delivery
  • Trading

Keep changing to ensure a meaningful competitive edge on your market

We always start with an in-depth analysis of a client's current IT infrastructure

It's a significant part of our transformational consulting approach. Our team of analysts and technical experts conducts a Discovery phase to understand your business and all inner processes. This approach allows for planning all stages of mobile application development services competently and providing digitalization without turbulence.
Problem analysis
We start with an in-depth analysis of your situation. Our main goal is to understand your business, requests, and current position on the market.
  • 02

    Solution creation

    At this stage, we assemble a team and create optimal solutions for your project. We start with prototyping and UI/UX design.

  • 03

    MVP development

    After you approve our proposed solution, our team uses Agile methodology to make your project live as an MVP.

  • 04

    Product integration

    We release the product and help you integrate the solution into your tech infrastructure. You own 100% of the intellectual property.

  • 05

    Support and update

    After the release, we'll be there to offer you all the support you need to keep your product running optimally.

We can implement these types of features and tools into your application

  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Built-in payments
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Personal cabinet
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Blockchain-based technology
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Solutions based on AI
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    GPS and mapping
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Push notification
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    Shopping cart
  • two_solutions_for_our_clients-img
    In-app verification

Check out our case studies

Providing our mobile app development services, we focus greatly on a product’s UI/UX design. Our dedicated team improves an app until it's polished so users can fully enjoy all of its functions in the end.
Case layout
Case layout
Case layout

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