Custom Event and Ticketing Solutions Development

Dive into anticipation and planning of an upcoming event. Entrust all the technical challenges to Soloway.

800+ transformed businesses

14+ years of experience

60 our median NPS score

500+ satisfied clients

Companies we`ve already transformed

Your event and ticketing process will be smooth sailing

Imagine you’re about to start selling tickets to a concert of a rock star who hasn’t given a show for ages. People start buying once your ad kicks off; millions of transactions happen simultaneously, and your system crashes. You can lose money and, even worse, your reputation. Not a pretty picture, right?

If you’re faced with technical and server capabilities constraints, your IT infrastructure requires system optimization and new e-ticketing software development solutions.

Let’s start with the discovery phase and define services and tools that will help you overcome your challenge with Soloway – your reliable partner in digital transformation.

Soloway delivers ticketing apps and software development solutions that put your event in a spotlight

Platform development & elaboration

As an e-ticketing portal development company, we build custom platforms, ticket management systems and solutions for your event management process optimization.

Website & platform modernization

Soloway provides hassle-free integration of any plugins, features, or tools according to your business needs. Our developers will optimize your current online event ticketing platform and IT infrastructure and deliver venue mapping solutions and integrations.

Application development & optimization

Our team delivers ticket booking mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Wearables, as well as a full spectrum of mobile solutions for events. Also, we provide modernization services for better customer engagement and loyalty. Read more about our application development services

Support & maintenance

We not only provide e-ticketing solutions development but also offer to support and maintain your existing website, applications, platforms, or the whole IT infrastructure. We use AI-powered data analytics to resolve your business challenges in real-time.

Any great transformation starts from the pragmatic analysis.

We create unique strategies by diving into your business processes and becoming your companion during our collaboration.
Transform this element

Benefits you get from innovative ticketing solutions development

  • Reducing high server costs
  • Getting real-time analytics
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving customer experience
  • Simplify and acceleration of transactions
  • Reducing crashes at critical moments
  • Painless new features implementing
  • Carrying out modernization without turbulence
  • Smooth integration with third-party services
  • Balanced load to software infrastructure
  • IT architecture upgrading
  • Predictable scaling to US and European markets

Keep changing to ensure a meaningful competitive edge on your market

Tools we integrate into your software,

a new or existing one, to make it more efficient

Essential features

  • Customer registration form
  • E-ticket facility system
  • Online scheduling and booking systems
  • Push notifications
  • Event reminders
  • Event search with sorting options
  • Payment gateways
  • Upcoming event updates

Advanced event

  • Customer profiles & accounts apps
  • E-wallets connection
  • Dynamic pricing updates
  • Promo code applying options
  • Personal tickets listings
  • Advanced event information access
  • Event location and navigation systems
  • In-build refunds and exchange
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Social media integrations
  • Donation systems integration
  • Ticketing packages management

We believe that balanced IT solutions change companies

You just have to choose a good companion and make a first step on your Way to transformation

Custom event ticketing software solutions for new projects

Legacy software modernization
We develop software, tech stack, and platforms from scratch for startups.
Our experts act as mentors and invited experts for your project
Soloway provides plans and data-based prognoses for new markets entering.

Our companions’ changes due to digital transformation service

Why choose Soloway as your custom event ticketing solution provider?

We have 14+ years of experience and a broad portfolio in software development and custom online ticketing solutions delivery.

We’ve worked with market giants at the beginning of their journey. Our engineers developed complicated platforms from scratch, resolved tricky challenges for more than 800+ businesses, and gained profound expertise that now serves in favor of our clients.

Our team has domain expertise to apply the newest technologies to your business process and IT infrastructure. We guarantee your overloaded system maintenance during a crucial time and quality support in the long run.

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