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Website Development

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Concert.UA is an online platform that allows you to buy tickets for various music events, concerts, festivals, and other cultural events online. You can also order tickets for theater performances, exhibitions, etc. 

This service allows you to quickly and conveniently find current events in different cities of Ukraine and buy tickets online in a comfortable way via the Internet.

The challenges we have overcome together

The main idea was to create a resource with interactive trend design, where you can find an attractive concert and buy tickets quickly.

When implementing online ticket sales, our developers faced difficulties in integrating and customizing the resource with dozens of external resources.

  • Website Development

    As the resource aims to increase ticket sales, we set the goal to get exact statistics and a reporting system about order amounts to control and develop the loyalty program.

    Our solution for this project has dozens of integrations with other services and also its own statistics system that helps to track all the business processes.

  • Payment system

    We have developed a payment security system for correct order tickets.

    Building on this, the system we implemented provides robust encryption and multi-level security checks to ensure that each transaction is not only smooth but also protected from potential threats.

Our collaboration process

  • Project examination
    Project examination
  • Website Development
    Website Development
  • Performance optimization
    Performance optimization
  • Integration of additional services
    Integration of additional services

It was a challenging project that allowed us to practice many types of integration of the platform with other external resources. We created a secure, multifunctional website that is understandable and easy to use for both parties.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Easy online ticket purchase for any event
    While using the resource, visitors can enjoy the latest achievements in the web design sphere. The system offers one of the most comfortable ways to choose online tickets for various events.
  • All your tickets and interesting events are in one place
    The maintenance account helps owners to automate the process of the events placing and simplifies control of sales. For users, a private account helps to control their tickets and future interesting events.

Thousands of users buy tickets every day using this web service and can do so without leaving their homes.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

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