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“SOCAR Ukraine” is a leading Ukrainian fuel trader that develops both retail and wholesale businesses. The company’s aim is to become an innovative leader and make the user’s buying experience easy and pleasant. Thus, the owners have decided to create a really convenient application for the clients who use Socar services. The idea has been to invent something that would provide users with all the necessary functions to make their purchasing process as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Challenges we have overcome together

The key task in this project has been to develop a multifunctional application.

Much attention has been paid to the integration of payment systems and cash registers. The user has to scan the QR code on the gas pump with their smartphone to order and pay for the product (gas, coffee, etc.) immediately.

  • App development

    The opportunity to buy fuel without cash and even without having to get out of a car

    The main goal has been to create a convenient application both for Android and iOS platforms that makes it possible to refuel a car at a click of a button on a mobile phone.

  • QR for the pleasant UX

    Saving customer's time and increasing satisfaction

    So here is the order process in detail. After a user scans the QR code from the gas pump with the smartphone, they need to choose the number of liters or the sum of money to be paid. Following this, a gas station employee inserts the gun, the system identifies the type of fuel and the car is fueled. The same happens when ordering other products.

  • Cashless payment system implementation

    Its integration with payment systems and cash registers

    The key part of the solution development has been a cashless payment system which has been meant to enable refueling a car just with a smartphone. No cash or physical credit cards are required. As soon as the amount of gas to order is chosen, it is debited from the user’s account, the payment is credited, and the cash register prints the receipt remotely, owing to the integration with the mobile application.

Our collaboration process

  • Qualitative project examination
    Qualitative project examination
  • Runtime monitoring
    Runtime monitoring
  • Integration with payment systems
    Integration with payment systems
  • App release
    App release
  • QR code implementation
    QR code implementation
  • UX improvement
    UX improvement
  • Needs assessment
    Needs assessment
  • Cashless system implementation
    Cashless system implementation
  • Integration with cash registers
    Integration with cash registers

The SOCAR App has been a challenging but exciting task. The cashless payment system has helped simplify people’s routine processes. Improving the quality of everyday life is something we always strive for.


Oksana Lysionok, Head Of PMO

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools

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  • Cross-platform mobile app
    Clients have got a convenient application both for Android and iOS platforms.
  • The “smart coffee machines” system
    Users can get a coffee by just scanning the QR code on the coffee machine: the mobile app identifies the type of coffee and instantly pays for it with a bank card. After that, the coffee is prepared for the customer.
  • About other advantages
    Now the team is working on the additional functionality that will simplify and digitalize all other kinds of purchases at the gas station.

SOCAR App is an innovative cashless solution that gives competitive advantages to the company and makes the process of using services at Socar gas stations even more convenient for the clients.

Technologies and tools


  • Easy recognition by scanning equipment
    Clients opt for using the QR to make the order and payment processes as simple as possible. Moreover, a modern design and pleasant UX have been ensured by the team.
  • Analytics tool
    Apart from being time- and energy-saving, this tool also allows users to properly measure their marketing data, as QR codes provide all needed information

Technologies and tools


  • Integration of SOCAR with the payment system Users have the possibility to buy fuel without cash and bank cards. Our team has developed a convenient cashless payment system to satisfy this need.
  • Cash register implementationThereby, a user can get an electronic bill by e-mail or in the app.

Digitalization is the key to a convenient future. That is something we show by satisfying our clients’ requests. And the SOCAR app solution has proven it well.


Oksana Lysionok, Head Of PMO


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