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Staff Augmentation

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Veer is a human resources SaaS company that manages leaves of absence and disability management programs for large enterprises.

Veer provides enterprise employers with a consumer-grade, digital solution for supporting employees who take leaves of absence. The company empowers employers to deliver an exceptional leave and return to work experience, ensure business continuity in the absence of key individuals, reduce HR support time, and deliver on the family-friendly brand promise.

The challenges we have overcome together

The primary task of the specialists involved was and is to participate in the development of various parts of the product for companies that allow their employees to manage special types of leave, such as pregnancy, childcare, adoption, surrogacy, medical, military, personal, and other types of leave.

Each client company has its own personal leave policies and rules regarding length, payments, the ability to take leave in installments, and other details. In this regard, it is necessary to implement the rules and requirements of each leave for each new client, as well as to keep the leave settings of existing clients up to date in accordance with changes in company rules and the legislation of the countries where the clients operate. The specialists involved are wider than certain parts of the product. Still, they are involved everywhere: notifications, configuration of leave settings, surveys, integration with third-party systems, the managerial part of the product, the administrative part, and so on.

  • Web Application (Backend API)

    The work on the Backend API is carried out by our specialists in cooperation with an in-house team of developers.

    The engineering team works by Agile/Scrum methodology. The PM is responsible for sprint planning, team loading, and velocity support collaboration with the US product team on tasks’ definitions and clarifications, guiding the engineering team toward the desired results. SoloWay’s BE engineer is an integral part of the highly skilled engineering team, performing tasks of varying complexity for world-wide known companies that are Veer customers.

  • Admin Panel

    An administrative part of the product was created from scratch, including displaying a significant amount of statistical data about customer usage and managing content for certain sections of the product.

    The admin panel is an internal Veer tool created for customer success management, content management, and product administration. Because it is an internal tool, the management approach differs from the product’s and is based on Kanban.

Our collaboration process

  • Team Development
    Team Development
  • Setting goals
    Setting goals
  • MVP
  • App release
    App release
Admin Panel
  • Synchronization with the data
    Synchronization with the data
  • Forming statistics
    Forming statistics
  • Implementing filtering
    Implementing filtering

"Their patience and ability to collaborate in a team are invaluable." SoloWay Technologies provides valuable resources that have been instrumental in developing critical parts of the client's product and helping users. The team is collaborative, knowledgeable, and patient. Moreover, their expertise, work quality, and dedication to the project's success stand out.


Stanislav Zlatkin, VP of Engineering of Veer Technologies

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Additional resources are dedicated to developing new rules for new customizers and making changes to existing rules.

    The specialists involved are an integral part of the team and participate in all activities together with all colleagues.

Technologies and tools



  • The Admin Panel is now very close to its original goal and purpose, further developed and guided by Veer’s engineers.

The Veer team is a dream team. Each team member has a wonderful personality and is a leading specialist in their field. I’ve never met a team so committed to a common goal and unified in their daily work. The team is very cultural, collaborative, and supportive.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

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