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Web development and CRM implementation

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Edit Suits is a company of men’s business clothing. Its mission is to create the most comfortable customized men’s business suits. Edit Suits Co. shops are located in several cities in England and Singapore. Their website consists of three elements: an online store, a booking system, and a CRM system.

Challenges we have overcame together

Edit Suits needed a product that would combine an online store and the company's process management system.

Thus, enabling customers to manage orders from the initial stage of taking measurements to the delivery of the finished product to the client.

  • Website development

    Website modernization and possibility to make sales through an online store

    The core of the site is CMS WordPress, so the innovation of the project and changes in functionality were often limited by the capabilities of the system itself. In this situation, the best way out would be to carry out code refactoring, i. e., to change the inner structure of software making it easier to understand the code while documenting the whole process. However, after long discussions and reflections, the client still decided not to implement the changes but to deal with the current site. Thus, we started working on the existing site and we limited ourselves to the functionality provided by WordPress.

  • CRM implementation

    Optimization of business processes to manage orders

    The company wanted to develop a product that would combine an online store and its management system process. Thus, the customers could have managed orders from the initial stage of taking measurements to the delivery of the end product to the client. Therefore, we have created a robust and functional CRM system to improve the process of storing data about products, orders, and customers.

Collaboration process

  • A qualitative project examination
    A qualitative project examination
  • Website Development
    Website Development
    The development team has optimized the platform in every possible way, and aslo, it has reviewed the structure of new tables and the overall functionality.
  • Performance optimization
    Performance optimization
  • Integration of additional services
    Integration of additional services
  • Organizing a great deal of data
    Organizing a great deal of data
  • CRM development and integration
    CRM development and integration

Together with Soloway (formerly bvblogic), we overhauled the booking tool, making it a lot more flexible and useful to our needs. In the end, we started with the development of an entire order management system that administers measurements and tracks orders along the process. Soloway’s streamlining of the booking system nearly eliminated customer service calls, reducing staffing needs. Their intuitive project management system allowed for an easy flow of information. Soloway was an honest and transparent development partner.


Reto Peter, Founder at Edit Suits

Collaboration Results

Technologies and tools


  • Product preview
    Clients have got the possibility to check all the details of the style, material, etc., just by visiting a website.
  • Appointments for taking measurements
    When booking a meeting at the tailor’s, available time, date, and location are offered. Then, the meeting is added to Google Calendar.
  • Contactless order of a suit with individual measurements
    The website provides a video with detailed instructions on how to take measurements yourself.
  • Ability to create your own individual product
    The designer will help a client to bring their ideas to life.

Technologies and tools


  • Managing department working processes in different countries
    Working remotely is a challenge, however, despite the distance, the team can collaborate, bond, and be productive.
  • Possibility to process requests from around the world
    Which in turn, makes it possible to expand the customer base. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • Easily manageable stages of the order
    When the order is divided into manageable stages, it becomes easier to control the project and the quality of the output.

Helping to convey a client’s mission is an integral part of SoloWay’s work. Client’s trust inspires us to provide impeccable solutions.


Oksana Lysionok, Head Of PMO

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