Navizor’s digital commerce transformation:

App Development

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Navizor is a logistics company that allows people to assess the quality of the road surface and plan trips on roads with quality cover.

Navizor solves the following problems: About 70% of the roads in more than 70 countries worldwide need total and gradual repair, maintenance, and constant monitoring of the road surface.

The challenges we have overcome together

Our main goals were to create a mobile application and a website for the logistics company.

The challenge in the realization of the project lay in the scaling stages of the Navizor service. There was an extreme increase in the number of users from different countries, and as a result, there was an intense load on the servers and databases. The implementation of navigation functions in mobile applications took a lot of work.

  • App Development

    Mobile App

    A team of professional Java, iOS, and Android developers and web designers was involved in the development of the Navizor service. Thanks to our team’s goal-oriented and creative work, we were able to realize our ideas and finish the development of the full navigators for iOS and Android platforms. The same professional SoloWay team continues to improve the Navizor navigation solution.

  • Web Development


    The web version of the Navizor service was developed by a team of professional web designers and Java developers.

Our collaboration process

Mobile App
  • Forming the team
    Forming the team
  • Workflow planning
    Workflow planning
  • App development
    App development
  • Web-version development
    Web-version development

The Navizor service is easily scalable. We already work with 37 countries worldwide. This service helps customers save up to 15% on fuel costs and car suspension repairs.


Andriy Khomyn, Head of Digital Transformation

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Smart mobile navigator protects drivers from dangers on a roadway

    Navizor is the first mobile navigator in the world that allows you to plan routes, taking into account the quality of the roads, and warns the driver of dangerous areas of the road ahead. We have developed an intelligent algorithm for calculating road quality, which is self-improving. With our service, you will find the most accurate and experienced information on road quality, proven in practice by drivers.

Technologies and tools

The Navizor service operates in 37 countries in Europe and Asia. More than 80,000 users have evaluated more than 240,000 km.


Andriy Khomyn, Head of Digital Transformation

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