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Software Development

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Covery is a global risk management platform that helps online companies prevent fraud, mitigate risks, and grow revenue.

The main idea was to create a simple tool that could cover all business needs, from chargeback prevention to AML / PEP screening. 

With Covery, customers can create specific risk logic that analyzes the connections among locations, devices, identity, and behavioral patterns throughout the entire funnel, from Registration to the Transaction and Payout steps.

The challenges we have overcome together

The main goal was to create a Know Your Customer tool.

The KYC AI Mobile SDK is a tool for IOS and Android platforms.

It consists of several parts:

  • Authorizing the mobile application developer to connect to the SDK (using a key and a token)
  • Collecting data about the device on which the SDK is installed
  • Ability to take a photo for documents using the front camera
  • Ability to scan a document (passport) and identify its main zones
  • Software Development

    SoloWay team have worked with:

    – Collecting the maximum amount of data about the user’s device, operating system, device control method, mobile networks, Bluetooth data, network information, IP, security, battery, time zone, installed applications on the device, etc.

    – Selfies, determination of facial data, determination of facial parameters

    – Maximize the validation of the correct photo (selfie) for documents

    – Section for editing and testing parameters, possibility to change parameters

    – UI for the first photo and the result of the photo with the possibility of customization 

    – Test application that emulates the behavior of a real application that will interact with the SDK

    – Document perspective (in progress)

Our collaboration process

  • Evaluation of the work
    Evaluation of the work
  • Team & workflow formation
    Team & workflow formation
  • Software Development
    Software Development
  • Deployment & Support
    Deployment & Support

The SDK would be integrated into the applications of the client's customers.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools

Covery Mobile SDK is a fresh project with a strong future. We are happy to work with such a progressive project and improve it together!


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

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