What is digital transformation consulting?

February 05, 2024


February 05, 2024

Digital technologies are changing our world at breakneck speed. New technical possibilities and changes in user behavior are opening up new opportunities. In fact, digital transformation is not an isolated goal. It takes place in parallel with the companies’ operational activities. This is why it should be carried out to not damage the company’s main activities.

This article discusses what digital transformation consulting is, the four main areas of the digital transformation process, and how SoloWay Tech can help you digitally transform your business.

What is a digital business transformation?

Digital transformation describes a process in which digital technologies are used to redesign existing, non-digital business processes or to create new processes and systems. Digital transformation aims to meet changing market and customer expectations. For example, the insurance company’s digitalization can change everything from company management to how added value is offered to customers.

Important factors such as a company’s strategy, value system, leadership, process digitalization, and willingness to change are necessary for a successful digital transformation. A digital maturity model can be used to measure these factors to carry out a digital maturity level check. The analysis is used to create a strategy for improving digital maturity.

What is digital transformation consulting?

Digital transformation consulting is where businesses seek expert guidance to digitize their operations. This can encompass tasks such as automating workflows and adopting new technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. Often, digital transformation consulting aids businesses in cost reduction and profit optimization.

The role of an advisor in digital transformation can encompass a wide range of competencies but must always be tailored to companies’ needs. The digital transformation roadmap must align with the company’s goals and objectives (mission and vision of operations) to support its growth. 

Why is consulting important for your digitalization?

Digitalization in education, as well as any other industry, is often a major challenge:

  • Companies have to deal with new technologies and processes
  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • Employees need to be qualified
  • Scarce resources (e.g. time or budget) to implement new projects
  • Mastering change management

There are also potential risks, such as introducing unsuitable digital transformation platforms and excessive or unplanned costs. Professional advice can provide valuable support in such situations and efficiently use valuable resources.

The 4 main areas of the digital transformation process

There are many digital transformation examples today. Here are the main areas of the digitalization process.

Digital process transformation

Efficiency and effectiveness drive business outcomes and process transformation is the key. Whether through process automation, re-engineering existing methods, or integrating technology-enabled processes, the goal is to enhance overall business performance. Companies like Domino’s Pizza have successfully embraced process transformation, achieving notable improvements.

Digital business model transformation

Redesigning the business approach to generate new value sources characterizes business model transformation. This may involve altering pricing models, distribution channels, or the fundamental business model itself. Companies like Netflix and Apple exemplify success achieved through astute business model transformation.

Digital domain transformation

Digital transformation consulting in domain transformation enables businesses to reshape entire industries or sectors using digital technologies. This involves leveraging new technologies to redefine products and services, blurring industry boundaries, and creating novel markets. Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands as a prime example, revolutionizing how many businesses operate.

Digital culture/organizational transformation

Organizational transformation aims to restructure and optimize company operations for improved performance. Whether through redesigning business functions, implementing new management processes, or a culture shift, the objective is to foster positive change. Companies like Experian have successfully navigated organizational transformation to achieve notable success.

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Example of successful digital transformation: SOCAR Ukraine

SOCAR Ukraine is a leading Ukrainian fuel trader committed to advancing both retail and wholesale businesses. It is driven by a vision to be an innovative leader, prioritizing a seamless digital transformation. To actualize this vision, the company approached us to develop a highly convenient application tailored to enhance the purchasing process for SOCAR clients.

At the heart of this project was the creation of a multifunctional application meticulously designed for both Android and iOS platforms. The primary objective was to empower users to refuel their vehicles with unprecedented ease at the touch of a button on their mobile phones.

A central focus of the application’s development was the integration of payment systems and cash registers, revolutionizing the traditional transaction process. After scanning the QR code on the gas pump with their smartphones, users can seamlessly order and pay for products such as fuel or coffee.

SOCAR Ukraine’s commitment to digital transformation simplifies the refueling process and reflects a broader dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction. Now, it saves time and provides a truly cashless and convenient transaction experience.

How can SoloWay Tech help you digitally transform your business?

Whether you need a specific problem-solution or support with the implementation of software or a digital strategy, it doesn’t matter to us. At SoloWay Tech, we work with you to develop a suitable solution and a concrete implementation plan while you benefit from the know-how of our experts. 

Digital consulting means the interplay between classic strategy consulting and the use of digital tools paired with agile methods:

  • Digital skills enable us to take a holistic view of your business and develop a sustainable strategy.
  • We use digital communication and collaboration tools to ensure efficient collaboration. For example, each of our customers is given their own access to digital project boards to track the current status at any time.
  • We can work with customers and partners from any location.
  • Establishing agile structures and introducing agile values enables our clients to react flexibly to future uncertainties and changes.

If you need a digitalization strategy, our team will analyze your company’s current level of digital maturity and work with you to develop an individual digitalization strategy.

How do we implement digital transformation consulting?

Our management consultancy focuses on digital consulting and project management. We accompany companies for some time as an external project team and implement digitalization projects for our clients. We use the possibilities of digital tools and rely on selected innovation and management methods, from digital transformation of business models and custom CRM development consulting to change management and agile organization.


Digital transformation is a complex, challenging, and ongoing process involving integrating technology into every organization’s operations. Its goals can include boosting innovation, increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and improving companies’ competitiveness. A vital element delivered in properly implemented digital transformation is identifying new business opportunities provided by technology and helping the executive team deal with the challenges of change management.

Having worked for the past 15 years in the international IT market of the USA, Central and Eastern European countries, and Turkey, we have gained extraordinary expertise. Our SoloWay Tech team understands digital business transformation from the perspective of the implementing company and the customer. Look for a reliable digital transformation partner? Contact the SoloWay Tech team!

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