Chain Broker’s digital commerce transformation:

Website Development

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Chain Broker is a crypto platform for tracking private and public fundraising. It includes the latest information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds.

Users can employ the platform for both learning and deep research.

The company is based in San Francisco, California, United States.

The challenges we have overcome together

The main task was to create a website that was as adaptive as possible for different devices, operating systems, and web browsers.

We faced such challenges as creating complex charts that dynamically change due to the update of input data.

  • Website Development

    A mobile-friendly website is convenient for crypto researchers

    To create a user-friendly website, we started with front-end development. We also created the layout and interface elements. Another important stage was testing the website to ensure it worked properly. The final stage was deploying the website.

    With this platform, users can easily get acquainted with the latest news in the crypto field and research without obstacles.

  • Platform Integration with Telegram and Twitter

    Integration with social networks simplifies the user experience

    The platform is directly connected to the company’s Twitter and Telegram accounts and has functionality that allows them to integrate with each other, for example, to subscribe to specific crypto channels, etc.

Our collaboration process

  • Project examination
    Project examination
  • Website Development
    Website Development
  • Performance optimization
    Performance optimization
  • Integration of additional services
    Integration of additional services

It was a very interesting project that allowed us to study in more detail the implementation of complex graphic elements: transferring a large amount of data from the backend and designing the platform interface for the maximum variety of devices and software.


Oleksii Hodovanets, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Multi-platform capability

    One of the main advantages of the platform is its adaptability to different devices. Whether it’s with a smartphone, a laptop, or a widescreen monitor, the user can view the information they need from wherever is most comfortable at the moment.

I am so glad I turned to the SoloWay Technologies team for help! They adapted quickly and efficiently to the changes in the design and functionality of the project. Communication with the SoloWay team is easy and pleasant.


Founder of Chain Broker

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