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Adamson NEX is a service that enables energy auditors to generate energy efficiency certificates and additional documentation based on the state-approved calculation methodology.

The main goal of Adamson’s activities is the practical implementation of the principles of preserving the planet’s resources, energy efficiency, and energy saving in buildings.

The challenges we have overcome together

The main challenge was to provide energy auditors with a unique product that had no analogs on the market.

It was necessary to create a web-based platform that facilitated the work of energy audit specialists by implementing calculation algorithms for determining the energy efficiency of facilities according to national standards.

The key challenges we faced were:

  • working in a narrow field where we had no previous experience
  • the complexity of formulas for energy efficiency calculations
  • relations between data and interdependencies between calculations
  • working with regulations
  • How did we start the project?

    The work started with a design sprint and detailed work by a business analyst to take into account possible industry specifics, detailed elaboration of the UX (because the forms for filling in energy audit data are very complex and detailed), careful work on the UI, and the selection of a technical approach.

  • What is the result?

    The result of our team’s work is a web application that allows energy auditors to calculate indicators correctly in real-time, receive a ready-made certificate, and sign it.

Our collaboration process

Web App
  • Business Analysis
    Business Analysis
  • Design Sprint
    Design Sprint
  • Strategy Creation
    Strategy Creation
  • Platform Development
    Platform Development
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
  • Platform Release
    Platform Release

Despite its complexity, the project is exciting and unique. It allowed our team to expand its knowledge of complex UX and UI approaches and work with large amounts of data.


Oksana Lysionok, Head of PMO

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • The uniqueness of the platform

    An essential advantage of the solution is its novelty and uniqueness. Based on the data, real-time tips and recommendations are generated to ensure high energy efficiency.
  • Ease of use
    An auditor must generate the correct certificate the first time, and the service allows you to do this conveniently and correctly. All calculations are performed automatically according to the algorithms specified by law. There is no need to manually enter numbers into spreadsheets, create models for calculations, or worry about making mistakes. The application has minimal variability, which is a factor in successfully passing the procedure for independent monitoring of energy certificates.

I want to mention good communication and a flexible approach on the part of the contractor. The SoloWay team met our needs in many ways.


Mykola Stashko, Head of the NEX project

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