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Kite Travel is a website that makes it easy to plan a kitesurfing trip and calculate the average cost of such a trip.

Whether you’re a seasoned kitesurfer or a beginner looking to dive into the exciting world of kiteboarding, Kite Travel provides all the tools and information you need to plan your dream trip.

Kite Travel aims to be your go-to resource for all things kitesurfing, making it easy for you to plan your dream trip and have an incredible time on the water.

The challenges we have overcome together

The key task in this project was to develop a website for searching and planning kite surfing trips.

The main task was to develop an algorithm that selects the optimal flight and hotel options for kite surfers. The algorithm should take into account the departure and return times to offer the lowest possible travel costs and as much rest time as possible. The service would analyze and process large amounts of information from multiple third-party resources, which would be clearly assigned and structured on the site.

  • Website development

    This service is a godsend for kitesurfers!

    The team has developed an algorithm that searches for flights and checks the availability of hotels in the kitesurfing destinations. The flight search analyzes price, optimal departure time, airline type, and the number of connections. If a connecting flight is 15% cheaper than a direct flight, the connecting flight is given priority to save money. Users will have free access to additional data on the site, such as beach information, weather, water temperature, wind statistics, and other local activities for kitesurfing. It is also possible to access hotel, flight, and car rental booking pages depending on the chosen location.

Our collaboration process

  • Project examination
    Project examination
  • Website Development
    Website Development
  • Performance optimization
    Performance optimization
  • Integration of additional services
    Integration of additional services

We had to create a service that would be able to fully personalize all criteria according to the user's individual needs and select the most optimal and relevant options for travel. Our talented team was able to accomplish this project using a variety of tools and technologies.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Service that adapts to you
    The developed service will be a convenient tool for kitesurfers because it will help them choose the most advantageous options for flights and hotels and calculate the total cost of the trip. The main advantage of the service is that the user can adjust and change all the criteria of the parameters for his personal needs and desires. For example, if the user doesn’t like budget airlines and time for kitesurfing is more important, the service will offer suitable options. The search also takes into account holidays, i.e. if the user wants to spend a weekend at the beach and Monday is also a weekend, the service will look for options that include Monday.

As a result, we have received a service for easy travel planning based on a unique algorithm that allows you to personalize all the options for your choice and find the best option for your trip.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

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