Moyo’s digital commerce transformation:

Custom E-commerce Website and App Development, CRM implementation

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Moyo is one of the largest Ukrainian electronics and home appliances online stores. With a ten-year history, the company now owns 57 shops in 32 cities and towns around the country. The clients warehouses and showrooms store more than 40,000 electronic devices. Moyo also processes up to 10,000 online transactions per day.

Challenges we have overcome together

Moyo needed both an optimization solution and the development of new media due to its scaling and intensity of internal business processes and external platforms.

To start and boost a transformation, we offered to implement three solutions: CRM system integration, new website and mobile application development.

  • CRM implementation

    Business processes optimization to manage orders and customers’ data

    As a result of a business scale-up, Moyo has decided to optimize inner and outer processes. It was needed to set up the ability to display and analyze statistics for various parameters and synchronize the existing 1C system with the new CRM.

  • Website development

    Reducing the overload and total website modernization

    The main challenge was to get a new custom platform not only to reduce the load on the system and staff, but also to scale the online store in the future. It was essential to integrate a number of additional services to make the website customer friendly and safe.

  • Mobile app development

    Shifting to mobile sales and conquering new markets

    Shifting to mobile sales and conquering new markets
    At some point, Moyo realized that customers prefer shopping with mobile devices. To be on the same page with clients and satisfy their requests, the team has created a mobile application with all the functions necessary for users to make their purchases easily.

Our collaboration process

  • Thorough project examination
    Thorough project examination
  • Website Development
    Website Development
  • Performance speed optimization
    Performance speed optimization
    The service has been developed on a highly-effective PHP Framework - Yii.
  • Integration of additional services
    Integration of additional services
    A function of the comparison of products, convenient payment systems, and a personal online assistant
  • App release
    App release
    The primary task was for the program to be released on Play Market, without functionality on the backend server.
  • Ensuring high speed of the application
    Ensuring high speed of the application
    To optimize the work of the application with the high loads, the system has been cleaned from excessive blocks of Web pages.
  • Runtime monitoring
    Runtime monitoring
    The program has a function that allows monitoring the status of an order in a RunTime mode, this functionality is based on Google Firebase.
  • Organizing a great deal of data
    Organizing a great deal of data
  • CRM development and integration
    CRM development and integration
  • Synchronizing CRM with 1C
    Synchronizing CRM with 1C
    Synchronization of the CRM system with 1C has been done using SOAP.
  • Implementing different modules
    Implementing different modules
    The CRM system consists of different modules: orders, users, goods and categories, delivery and payment, statistics.
  • Scaling development team
    Scaling development team

From the very beginning of cooperation with Soloway (formerly bvblogic), I have been persuaded in the high level of responsibility of their employees in the performance of the tasks of various complexity. All the tasks are always accurately reviewed and implemented on time. In addition to the team of professional Software Developers, you can always count on Account Managers, who support the project as well. The positive experience with Soloway gives reason to talk about further cooperation on a regular basis.


Ruslan Magal, ex. delivery manager at Moyo

Collaboration Results

Technologies and tools

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Modules and their possibilities

  • The Order module
    It allows storing data of each order: a type of order, payment status, delivery status, carrier, cost, form of payment.
  • The User module
    It contains all information about the users, with an option to add a new user.
  • The Category module
    It stores information about all product categories available on the site and detailed information on each category.
  • The Goods module
    It holds information about the number of units available, the price, and the status of the product – promotional, active, pre-ordered, archived.
  • The Delivery-Payment module
    It manages delivery and payment processes.
  • The Statistics module
    It intends to display the analytics for each good/category/brand.

We have chosen SOAP to synchronize the CRM system with 1C. Data transmission from CRM to 1С is made regularly and automatically to keep all relevant information. The CRM system includes different modules: orders, users, goods and categories, delivery and payment, statistics.

As a result of our work on this project, the client has got a robust and functional CRM system that helps the company organize and conveniently process a large amount of information about products, orders and customers.


Technologies and tools

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  • s_case_block7_logos4
  • s_case_block7_logos2


  • High Performance Speed
    In the development process, it was important to consider the possibilities of an online store scale up in the future and ensure optimal performance and smooth work at high burdens. The task was very large-scale, as it involved the integration of various additional services, payment systems, etc. Nowadays, when about 100 000 customers visit the website every day, we have ensured that Yii was the right choice of technology as the performance speed is high.
  • Option to track a user’s order
    A feature that helps track users’ orders in just one click has been implemented.
  • A function of the product’s comparison
    The main goal is to help users identify key product differences easily by conducting extensive research and, therefore, help customers make the right product choice.
  • Convenient payment systems
    To satisfy both the customers’ and business needs, a safe, quick, and easy-to-use payment system has been implemented. It is supported by different banks so that everyone can find the best way of payment.
  • Personal online assistant
    Virtual Assistant can help manage incoming inquiries and make the buying experience even more convenient.
    At the beginning of our work, our technical specialists conducted a qualitative examination of the project and suggested developing the service on a highly-effective PHP Framework – Yii, because of its flexibility and convenient architecture, etc. Yii Framework is a great choice for projects with high loads.
    As a result of our more than 2-year cooperation with our client, we have managed to create reliable and successful relations, and the market share of this particular online shop has increased twofold within 2 years.

Technologies and tools

  • s_case_block7_logos1


  • Online shopping App
    Moyo Shop offers a wide range of goods and services in a single app. It allows a client to buy the necessary goods and track the order with simple interaction.
  • Personalized promotion
    Personalized promotion helps identify visitor’s segments with the help of their distinct preferences or needs and then it creates targeted experiences using customized offers, promotions and discounts. Personalization also encourages impulse and repeat purchases.
  • Instant delivery status update and the possibility to make an order 24/7
    Such possibilities are highly appreciated and promote utmost customer satisfaction. At the same time, satisfied customers eventually place more orders and increase business profit.
    To release the application in the short term, we have combined the elements of WebView and Java code. To optimize the application work with the high burdens, we have cleared the system from excessive blocks of Web pages. Moreover, the program has a function allowing the client to monitor the order status in a RunTime mode. This functionality is based on Google Firebase. Later, the application was moved to the native code. The app is being constantly improved.

Every new project we start working on is a special one and has its Way. It was a challenging task for my team to satisfy a customer’s request, but we have found a perfect solution.


Oksana Lysionok, Head Of PMO

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