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Propy is a Silicon Valley company that provides innovative solutions in the real estate industry. 

It has developed an online toolkit for real estate agents and ordinary users. The key functionality distinguishing Propy from its competitors is the ability to purchase real estate not only for fiat but also for any cryptocurrency from the CoinMarketCap list. This service simplifies and makes the process of buying and selling real estate transparent, ensuring speed, simplicity, and security for all participants.

The challenges we have overcome together

SoloWay had to completely update the mobile application.

The main task was to redesign the app using new technologies and refresh the design.

Propy approached us with a request to create a redesign for its iOS application, as the previous version had numerous issues, such as poor performance, an outdated design, and a lack of many functionalities available on the web version.

  • Redesign of the application

    Work on the Propy project began in the summer of 2022. Our team created a new and improved design for the real estate mobile app based on the existing design.

  • Improving the app's functionality

    In addition to redesigning the app, the team developed and improved many existing features. We significantly expanded the user experience and better integrated the app with the web platform and navigation services.

Our collaboration process

Mobile App
  • Forming the team
    Forming the team
  • Workflow planning
    Workflow planning
  • UI/UX design
    UI/UX design
  • App development
    App development

This was an exciting project that gave us experience in redesigning and completely rewriting an application with legacy code. Another exciting experience was the iOS integration with such complex services as maps and navigation. In addition, the app had a lot of backend interaction, which offered more challenges for our development team.


Oleksii Hodovanets, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • More features within the app make it more competitive in the market!

    The main advantages of the app are its conciseness and ease of use. The app’s design focuses on intuitiveness, and the app, as a whole, offers fast responsiveness and navigation for a better user experience.

The client expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the SoloWay team! The updated design met his expectations. Also, he noted our adaptability to changes in the process.

It was a great pleasure for us to work with the incredible Propy project!


Oleksii Hodovanets, Project Manager

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