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RapidEx is a peer-to-peer food delivery service in Douala, Cameroon, which includes a web-based system for administrators and restaurants and mobile applications both for clients and couriers.

Rapidex allows you to place orders at your favorite establishments and receive them in the comfort of your home.

The challenges we have overcome together

The main idea was to create a convenient application for food delivery service in Cameroon, which will cooperate with many restaurants.

The main task was to develop an application that could support a huge number of active users while using low mobile data traffic of the application users. It was essential to ensure the security of customers’ personal data, which they enter into the application (phone numbers, geolocation, passwords), and to integrate the payment system.

Couriers will use bicycles to deliver their orders quickly and effectively.

  • A clear and efficient Delivery App

    To solve the problem of user load in the application, the development team proposed a structure, defined the requirements for servers, and coordinated all this with the client. During the testing phase, a stress test was used to see if the back end could support such traffic.

  • Payment System

    We have successfully integrated the payment system and thoroughly tested the security of all personal data in the application so that users have no problems paying for the services they need.

Our collaboration process

  • Team Formation
    Team Formation
  • Setting goals
    Setting goals
  • MVP
  • App release
    App release

We did a lot of work on developing and designing this application and got a robust application that can withstand heavy loads.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

Collaboration results

Technologies and tools


  • Ease of use for everyone!

    RapidEx will be a useful and convenient application for customers, restaurants, and couriers. Service administrators can monitor and manage all common processes, accesses, and information. Using the application, customers can create their personal profiles, view a list of restaurants and their menus, see their order history, and leave feedback. For more practical use by customers, the application can filter the list of restaurants by popularity and the search bar for items in the menu. Businesses can register their restaurants in the service, specify and manage their working hours, divide dishes into categories, and view their statistics. For couriers, there is easy registration in the service and access to the GPS location of the client and the restaurant.

As a result, we have created a practical and incredibly user-friendly application for our client for food delivery by bicycle couriers within a radius of 12 km.


Oksana Lysionok, Project Manager

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